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Retail center in Frisco, Colorado 

Design work for Basecamp began from the ground up in the initial business startup phase and has been inclusive of website design, online media and print collateral, all platforms consistently showcasing Basecamp’s distinctive niche of premier, high country tenants nestled in a stunning setting at the foot of Mount Royal and the Ten Mile Mountain Range.

"Basecamp is more than just a retail center. It's a thoughtfully curated group of businesses and people who embody a love of high country living. It's a story of a craft brewing company that started small and became nationally famous. It's the local people who work at Whole Foods Frisco and imbue this special location with a vibe that's unique to Frisco, Colorado.

This is what I love about what I do - telling the stories of my clients, be it via Instagram, a website or branding. Because it's in the stories that we find the grit and truth of what makes a business shine." 



Basecamp Shops & Residences

Basecamp Residences is a grouping of micro-condos within Basecamp, steps from Whole Foods Market. These micro-condos sold out within 90 days after a targeted marketing campaign, details below.

Marketing Campaign Elements



    LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram

  • Website

    Keywords, Customer Capture Anchor Points, Popups, Blog Posts, Video and Interactive Maps

  • WEB

    Targeted Emaail Campaign and Google Ads


    Deal Kit Information Booklet, Presentation Boards and Magazine Ads

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns used consistently offer a great niche to further establish brand presence and reach our target market. 

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Print Collateral

The Basecamp Residences Deal Kit is a booklet that was used as an integral piece of the sales pitch for selling units, offering micro-condo details with a fresh, modern take on living simply and efficiently. Early access to the the Deal Kit program along with several other perks were offered to customers enrolled in the Initial Signup Incentive Program.


Signage for Basecamp has included wayfinding signage, directory signage, and custom vinyl window signage advertising. The signage is reflective of the unique aesthetics, rugged charm and high country orientation of Frisco, Colorado, as well as being fabricated to withstand all manner of weather.